What are Tiger Nuts?

What are tigernuts?

The tiger nut is the base ingredient of the Horchata de Chufas (Tigernuts Milk). The Horchata is a very popular drink in Valencia and if you visit the city you have to taste it.

What are tigernuts?

Tiger nuts, one of the hottest superfoods on the market, are not, in fact, nuts. These wrinkled, marble-sized orbs are small, tuberous rhizomes of a sedge grass (cyperus esculentus lativum) that’s been cultivated for millennia around the world. Native Americans enjoyed tiger nuts, as did the ancient Egyptians.

In Spain, where they’re known as chufa,they are the traditional ingredient for horchata.

With a flavor reminiscent of both coconut and almond, they earn their name from a tiger-striped exterior. The tiny tubers are high in fiber, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, vitamins C & E; low in calories and fat, and non-GMO, making them an attactive ingredient for low-carb and paleo dieters alike.

What is the horchata (tigernuts milk?

The tigernut are the ingredient of the typical Valencian Drink: Horchata de Chufas (Tigernuts milk).

If you want to taste the best tigernuts milk (horchata de chufas) in Valencia, the Horchatería Dolz is the place to go: Avenida Blasco Ibáñez, 84 – E46021 Valencia.

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